Compression Mounting nearing completion Pt.3. The obverse.


With the mounting nearing completion I thought I'd better have a look at the other side. It had been sitting with the same orientation, on its handy beer crate workstand, for ages.

I am staying safe and leaving the tensioned hoist strop in place. Just in case the sheer weight crushes the beer crate.

Adding counterweights was enough to destroy a B&D workbench last time! So I'm not taking any more chances.
This closer side view shows the belt drives to the worms and wormwheels.

Next stage is to connect the AWR system to check if the drive systems can move the axes. I don't have any doubts that it can. The wormwheels multiply the torque by 287 x the belt drives extra 2.4x. A theoretical increase in motor torque of 690 applied to the axis shafts. IT is already impossible to stop the stepper motors from rotating by gripping their pulleys by hand!

The declination drive belt had no need for a tension pulley due to the offset between the worm and motor pulleys.

The large brass sleeve with radial, butterfly nuts will eventually go on en the end of the Declination shaft to retain the counterweights. Here, it is simply retaining the wormwheel.

Another brass sleeve, 10mm wide, spaces the wormwheel from the flange bearing. This distance piece centers the worm on its wormwheel.

Overall view from above. The scrap aluminium plate was mostly in good enough condition to use without serious cosmetic consideration. I have given it a quick rub over with Scotchbrite maroon fiber to tidy it up a little. I expect it will become spoilt by moisture over time.

It is supposed to become a working mounting.

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